AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: Oh No! Pineapples DATE: 4/13/2006 01:11:00 PM ----- BODY:
Oh no! Pineapples! Well one of my buds in the row robin is Crystal who did her row of pineapples. May God bless her! Such small blocks but man do they look good afterwards. I tried to add my row with themes. You know--purple and green, asian and marble fabrics. This is the final result. Image hosting by Photobucket She liked it. PHEW!... The next row I'm working on has a flower fabric theme. I'm doing that and making star blocks because i looooooooooooooove stars! this is the pic of the two rows that were already done. I'm adding the third Image hosting by Photobucket I have two blocks done already. Surprised because I've been so busy. I'll post a picture of the blocks I'm done with because I LOVE them!