AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: polka dots and wha.....?????? DATE: 5/18/2006 03:03:00 PM ----- BODY:
Well Ms. Ellen has certainly challenged me! See, I'm not a big fan of polka dots and pastels. They're GREAT for kid quilts but I can't say many friends of mine are popping out lotsa kids so I dont have much experience working with them too. Then there's the fact that's it's not really me. I'm more of a navy blue and purple marble kinda gal. So I have to add a row to this quilt. [Ellen's row is on the bottom, Michele's in the middle and Crystal's is on top] I've emailed Ellen about five times now asking "would she mind if I use darker colors. As much as this pains me to type, I can't really go to fabric stores right now. [OUCH] She said that was fine then I sent her all these ideas because i didn't know what to do. I was thinking a funky like Turning Twenty quilt. Here is a copy of a more traditional one. Then I dont know....seemed too much like Ellens row. Then I started off center nine-patches. the measurements were completely thrown off. [at this point i'm getting anxious about it] I think I finally found something though from a Quick Quilts magazine. It's a 6.5 square with a 1.5 inch border around it. And around that, there are half sqare triangles bordering the whole block to make it 12.5 unfinished. PHEW! It's called Wild Thing. hehehehe