AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: My first applique block! DATE: 6/23/2006 08:09:00 AM ----- BODY:
Hello! Well I completed my first applique block as you can see! One of my quilting buddies, Mary, has a sister in-law that got diagnosed with breast cancer and she asked for block donations. Here's mine. Mary said she likes flowers and birds so I think this will be ok. ;-) I don't like to garden but I certainly like applique flowers! This is a little Baltimore Album-like too and I like to make an album one of these days. Parts of this applique block were easy and other parts were very challenging. For example...I use the freezer paper method of applique. Is this the best way? I'm not a big fan of fusible webbing. Dont get me wrong, I've used it but I can't say that I love it. Call me old school! hehe Circles continue to be a problem but i'm getting through it. Vines! If you would notice, the branches are a little on the wide side. How do you get them so nice and thin??? Points on the leaves were issues too but I found in Elly Sienkiewicz's books a nicer way to do them. I got book number two from the library but, unfortunately, all through it it says "refer to volume one." GRRRRRRRRRR.. there's always e-bay. Quilters tend to be older than me and of the age where breast cancer is more of a possibility. When Mary said that her sister in law has it, someone else said that their neighbor [I think it was a neighbor] was recently diagnosed. There are women on all my quilting groups that talk about it from time to time and it's starting to get to me. This disease is terrible! I know I'm stating the obvious here when I say that but I do have some truth to that statement. :-(