AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: No More Recess?? DATE: 6/07/2006 09:54:00 AM ----- BODY:
I'm addicted to myspace. I won't lie ( I do these surveys that ask a variety of questions. I love doing them because I like hearing about what my friends say. I've got some funny friends let me tell you! Anyway, a question that I often come across is "What do you miss?" Care to know what I miss? I miss RECESS!!! I miss SUMMERS OFF! I was on my way to work this morning and this very scary thought came to me--I'll never have a summer off. I'm going to be working for the rest of my life. In a way that's good. I am on my own and independent but at the same time, I find myself getting tired more often. It's getting easier and easier but I feel like such an old fart when all I want to do is sleep on the weekends. sigh. I wish that Jermaine and I can magically move back into Mom's house after she moves out and we can do our own thing all day or spend the whole day together if we choose without a CARE in the world. This is so sad. I'm starting to get bummed :-(