AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: Hand quilting DATE: 7/07/2006 08:44:00 AM ----- BODY:
I'm hand quilting Courtney's quilt. It's going to be circles in circles in circles. (FYI-Courtney knows the link to this blog so I'm not going to post a picture) I tried doing a circle on my walking foot and it just was not happening! very loopey. Imagine asking someone who's really really drunk to draw a circle. That was the result. /:) so then I started on the huge endeavor of hand quilting. I knew I'd enjoy it but I couldn't say I was all that great at it. I posted a question to all my yahoo groups I'm a part of and asked them for hints on the rocking stitch. I was using a hoop and was having the HARDEST time getting a stitch going. I could go in and out with each individual stitch but the quilt is queen or double sized. That would take forever! That's why I was adamant about learning rocking stitch. One of the women on the quilting group suggested using no hoops or anything. At first I was like :-SS :-/ but then I said to myself "who am I to say that suggestion was odd?" I tried it and it worked so well! :D #:-S I'm so happy now! I love hand quilting. My stitches have turned out so well to. I used to hate thimbles but now I love them. It's just terribly relaxing for me to hand quilt in front of a movie. Occasionally Ms. Luna comes by to help me. That little cutie pie! :x One of these days, I would like to do a whole cloth quilt. They're so beautiful. I see all these whole cloth quilts for babies and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. Not because I think they're tacky but because I think they're so beautiful and babies "have leaks" on blankets and the thought of that happening to a wholecloth quilt just makes me sad. My days at work are rushed and sometimes filled with drama. It is so nice to come home, pop in a movie with my honey and see the kitties giving Courtney's quilt their final quality controls and just hand quilt all night. I have a blister on some of my fingers. It's my war wound and because I'm a sap, I'm so proud of it!!! :D