AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: Tink's Row is completed... DATE: 7/17/2006 07:20:00 PM ----- BODY:
....finally! here it is: I only say that because I had this briiiiiiiiiiiiight idea. (you might not sense the sarcasm but it's there!) This bright idea would be making these 12.5 blocks out of four 6.5 blocks. jeesh! #-o My row is on top and here are individual pics of the blocks...

Here is my January block. Everyone did some beautiful snowflakes but I wanted to do something different so I did snow people. You know how snow people's mouthes are supposed to be made of button holes? That would be about 20-28 little circles, so in Laura's world, snow people's mouthes are made "with sticks." ;) Tink, I really hope you understand!

On the right, is my February block...log cabin paper-peiced hearts. I am not a big fan of pink but I have to say--that's nice!!

This is Ms. March! hahaha sorry I'm sounding like I am detailing a model calendar! hehehe Anyway, I got this pattern off Quilter's Cache Fading Star. I liked the gradations and I do have to say--this must be the first time I used the colors in the original pattern!

And, finally, here is Ms. April....I paper pieced two butterflies and two flowers. I had to applique leaves on the flowers so they wouldn't look like lollipops! The butterflies were difficult too because I couldn't get the whole black portion (the body of the butterfly) paperpieced without doing a y-seam. There must be a way to figure it out. I have yet to. Anyone with some suggestions? :-? With an exception of Ms. March I got these patters from 505 Quilt Blocks: Plus 36 Beautiful Projects to Make (Better Homes & Gardens) and Crystal, AKA Pineapple Lady, my boyfriend and I appreciate the millions of pineapple blocks I made for your quilt and taking the paper off them. hehehe Everytime I see a pineapple quilt, I'll think of you! :) Michele, I loved the idea behind your row robin and I must agree with you... I love flowers but I hate gardening! hahahaha. :) Ellen and Lola--One of the first lessons I learned (and am still learning) about quilting is that polka dots and stripes don't necessarily clash! Thank you for reiterating that!:) Tink, thank you for your patience (since yours is the only row I sent out late) and the opportunity to work with smaller blocks. :) Trisha, thank you soooooooooooooo much for the opportunity to do this!! I love round/row robins now! Thank you for being insane enough to track this! I hope everyone likes their tops and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what comes of them, how you like it and the final result! I've already gotten my thread picked out for my quilt top! There are hugs for everyone