AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: uh oh.... DATE: 7/17/2006 02:36:00 PM ----- BODY:
Laura's started a new craft!! #-o :"/> Jermaine and my four year anniversary is coming up on July 26. We have this thing with giving gifts. They usually come in two parts-one a sappy/lovey dovey type gift and two-a fun gift or gag gift. My sappy/lovey dovey gift will be a mini scrapbook. I bought some books and some stuff at target so I've got a good start. I just have to keep telling myself " doesn't need to be perfect...jermaine will love it regardless." but then when i see these awesome pages in magazine i feel a little inadequate. :-< but then again it's a start. You gotta start somewhere! He'll love it! I think I might make my aunt a scrapbook of my kitties too. that would be cute. I dont know what it is about creating things. Ever since I was little, I always loved arts and crafts time! I guess it's just this creativeness inside that i must nurture. I often wonder why someone people are creative yet others can't sew a button. oh well. that makes us all special. I love this part about me. There's something about creating something from scratch be it an assortment of fabrics that will eventually become a quilt, skiens of yarn that will soon be an afghan or empty pages that will encapture a relationship...There's something about seeing that development that gets me everytime!