AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: Mini Round Robins sent out, September 1 DATE: 9/01/2006 12:56:00 PM ----- BODY:
Hey there! Here are my round robins for September. Because I'm in three groups, I decided to post the rounds in one entry. Dawn's Center for Group 3 in Stashbuilders

Ms Dawn's theme centered on the bonds between women I just cut 2 1/2 strips by 1 1/2 and tiled them around her center. At first, I was going to fuse fabrics that spelled "PEACE" in other languages around it but I think that would be too busy.

Michele's Center, Group 5

Michele's theme was batiks. I was terribly nervous about this one. :-SS:-S I used the Quilter's Cache Geometry pattern and I thought it was too busy but Michele likes it so I feel better #:-S Stashbuilders Group #7 The center is a mother's day card that Katherine's son sent her. :D<"/>I used the Quilter's Cache Braided Border. It was very difficult to see the middle to cut it but I think it was done fairly well. Since it was her son's card, I got a little symbolic. I used a majority of blue to represent her son and reds represent Katherine's constant presence in it. Anywho...I really enjoyed adding the borders. Now I'll be watching the mailbox for the next three packages.