AUTHOR: Laura TITLE: Ann's row is complete... DATE: 10/19/2006 06:05:00 AM ----- BODY:
...finally! These past few weeks I've been experiencing migraines :(( I didn't have peripheral vision in my right eye on Monday!! :-O:-SS So, needless to say, there wasn't much sewing going on. I feel better now and I'm really thankful that I have a doc appt today! Anyway, I've completed Ann's Row. Let's go block by block, shall we?? ;;) Well, what Ann wanted was for each person in this row robin to do something that reflects them. So I did stars of course because that's my most favorite thing in the whole wide world : (Note-With an exception of the black white and red one, all patterns were from Carol Doaks 50 Paper Pieced Stars) Block Number One: These are my most absolute favorite colors--blue purple and green. I hope you can see the blue portion of the star. Didn't come out as I had hoped. When you see the actual row though, you do see it. Block Number Two: I love wildflowers. Especially daisies (As you can see in the block above). So I used some daisy fabric in this block. I like how the colors contrast in this block....if I do say so myself : Block Number Three: Don't ask me why but I looooooooooooooove black white and red. My row robin in the Stashbuilders group was this theme. In fact, I was going to use this particular block for that quilt when I was adding a new row to it but I decided, instead, to use it on Ann's. I got this from Block Number Four Take any ten people and as them what they prefer--to be cold or to be hot. I betcha 8 or 9 of them would say they would prefer to be hot. I'm the one that would prefer to be cold. Call me crazy 8-} but I'd take winter over summer any day. Plus, Ann's from Texas....thought I'd send her some form of snow. ;))= Anyway, here's the final product Ann. I really hope you like it! :D<"/>

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ps--just saw the picture of my foot!! like it!?! SORRY;))=))