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So Dad and I found ourselves in Bethesda when we came across Inez's Stitchery in the antique area of Kensington. Someone on the Fair Isle Knitting Yahoo group suggested it for the Clover Yarn Guide. I found it and can not WAIT to start using it. The one thing I have against fair isle knitting is that yarns keep getting tangled. This will prevent that and, for that, it's probably the best four dollars I spent! I got out some books at the library with Fair Isle patterns in it so I'll be able to post this bad boy in use a little later.

I also got this pile of yarn too. Galway's 100% wool yarn.

Please pardon the kitty. The lower part is a hunter green color. I want to make mom this Garden Path Shawl from Elann for her birthday. Since I knit slow, working on it ten months in advance really isn't all the unheard of! She love green so this will be great! The other colors, pink teal, voilet and navy blue will probably be used for a fair isle something or another

I did discover an interesting discovery today about needles. Bamboo and aluminuim to be particular

I got a pair of the Addi Turbo Size 9 40 inch circular needles today while at Inez's Stitchery. They were a little on the pricey side but man, when I started using them (in the car...didn't wait too long now did I?) they felt so smooth. There was no added stress on my hands and as someone who spent ten years playing the flute and developed tendonitis, that's very much appreciated!

I also bought a pair of Clover Bamboo circular needles. That was just as smooth too.
With both these needles the amount of stress on my hands dramatically decreased. While they might be more pricey, I will definitely be using these brands in the future.

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