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When I first signed up with blogger, the handle's original name was then it occurred to me-- i do more than just quilt.
Now please, don't get me wrong, I LOVE everything about quilting! But my mother, as a teenager taught me how to crochet then few years later, knitting got the best of me and I taught myself how to knit using pencils....what can you say--i got excited!! : Since then, I've always said crochet is my favorite, quilting second and knitting a distant third. There was just something about knitting that I didn't get. You know how in high school people said "If you love algebra, you'll hate geometry...if you love geometry you'll hate algebra." I thought knitting and crocheting were like that and I just so happened to like crocheting more.
I don't know though because around October my mind started to change regarding knitting and whatever I didn't like about it started to go away. I love it! I've been knitting a lot lately. This Christmas I didn't have a whole lotta money so I made a lot of my gifts.
This is the first of many. This is for my bro, William. Typical Dude Hat. I used the Two Movie Hat Pattern. It was the first time I use double pointed needles. Noooooooooot bad!
William has a small head (he's a 6'3 toothpick) so he'll be fine in it. He has a job at Pop a Lock where he is sometimes asked to go out in the middle of the night so while he's in South Carolina doesn't mean he won't get chilly.
Wait...he has a uniform hat. whatever. He'll still use it!! :D
And this is for my sister in law, Cathy. I'm nervous as hell about it. :-SS It might be too big for her...I hope it doesn't slide off her head! :-SS Here is a picture
I used Magknit's Fake Isle hat for this using Mode Dea's Tweed yarn (purple/pink color) and Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed for the teal.
I hope they like their presents.

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